Euro China Business Center Organization is a newly established joint venture between leading Chinese and Cypriot companies with decades of experience in identifying, appraising and matching investment and business opportunities between European and Chinese enterprises.

With physical presence in both countries the multi-disciplinary professional team of the Euro-China, in cooperation with a wide network of contacts and associates all over the world, is able to support and assist Chinese and European companies interested in bilateral trade, FDI and the commercialization and acceleration of their projects in a one stop environment.

Moreover the joint venture will operate the Euro China Business and Trade Centre, at the IMC International Merchandising Centre in Nicosia, Cyprus, an 18,000m2 iconic building , which will house a permanent exhibition of Chinese Products and Services as well as a state of the art business centre. The Centre aims to become the commercial gateway for Chinese companies to Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Our vision is to create a unique venue for Chinese and European businesses for promoting trade and business exchanges between China and member states of the European Union and the emerging markets of the neighboring countries of the Middle East and North Africa. IMC has created a base, within EU, from which Chinese companies can penetrate these markets.

Our mission is to turn the International Merchandising Centre (IMC) into a focal point from where Chinese companies and traders from the EU and surrounding countries can meet and do business in a business friendly environment. IMC is an ideal base for Chinese companies from where they can penetrate a large market with a high purchasing power. Our aim is to turn IMC into a need-to-be place, of incredible value to all participants.

IMC will house under one roof hundreds of Chinese and European businesses, where they can rent permanent office or exhibition space for the display and sale of their products and services to visiting trade buyers from the targeted regions. Participating companies will maintain samples of products and if required stocks, , in a bonded warehouse (of 10,000m2), for immediate duty and tax free delivery to the buyer’s country.

Visiting trade buyers will, therefore, be able to purchase centrally, from one location from multiple Chinese companies. Instead of having to deal with numerous suppliers spread all over China, each located over long distances and offering only a rather limited range of products, they can have access to many of them in a single location.

Moreover, they can benefit from the availability of stock on location and place orders, which would have otherwise been subject to minimum quantities or values without having to endure long delivery times. The concept is especially attractive to retailers who will be able to visit the Centre just once, as and when they wish, and directly purchase the assortment of goods needed for replenishing their stocks, for immediate and combined delivery.

Major buyers after inspecting the sample products at the exhibitor’s showrooms and having negotiated specifications and prices of the required products, can place orders for large quantities of goods for processing and shipping directly from Chinese suppliers, factories or warehouses to their operational base in the Mediterranean, Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

In cooperation with our Chinese partners we already have presence in China. Our offices in China via our bi-lingual, multi-skilled professional stuff can offer a wide range of services to European Investors trying to penetrate the huge but fragmented Chinese market.

In cooperation with our Chinese Partners as well as well known incubators in China we can assist European Companies with the development of a prototype product into a commercial product. Moreover we can assist in the commercialization of the product in China, or even internationally. Our associates in China can even provide alternative types of financing of the commercialization and acceleration stages of the product development process ranging from simple financing to venture capital.