Chinese businesses could use the traditional tools of appointing local distribution agents or export merchants in order to penetrate markets in our region. These traditional distribution channels are however restrictive, not far reaching, require complex agreements the implementation and monitoring of which is often time consuming and complex.

 Alternatively via their participation at the Centre, Chinese Companies can benefit in numerous ways:


  • They are instantly within close reach to a large market of hundreds of millions of consumers with one of the highest purchasing powers in the world (Middle East, North Africa Southern Europe).
  • They instantly gain valuable international exposure for their products and services.
  • Their marketing effectiveness improves via higher turnover at lower selling and marketing costs.
  • They can improve and rationalize their distribution capabilities
  • They become more competitive and more profitable due to economies in marketing, distribution and sales costs.
  • They can benefit from the promotional activities of the centre
  • They have at their fingertips a full range of support services.